Google dao upute što napraviti kada imate ozbiljnih problema sa serverom i hostingom

12.11.2012. u kategoriji  Google
Autor: Bruno Šarić

Google dao upute što napraviti kada imate ozbiljnih problema sa serverom i hostingom

Evo vrlo konkretnih uputa od strane Googlea što napraviti kada vam padne server tj. kada imate bilo kakvih ozbiljnijih problema sa hostingom. Google kaže da je najbolja opcija servirati Googlebotu server status 503 koji mu javlja da je server trenutno u problemima (service unavailable). Navedeni status će Googlebotu reći da se malo strpi i dođe kasnije, da je riječ o problemima sa serverom. Evo točnih uputa od riječi do riječi:

John Mueller: Dear webmasters, if something goes drastically wrong with your hoster, and you cant host your website anymore, please return "503 Service unavailable" HTTP result code. Doing so helps search engines to understand whats up -- theyre generally more than happy to give your site some time to catch up again.

Returning an error page with "200 OK" will result in us indexing the change of content like that (and if all of your pages return the same error page, then we may assume that these URLs are duplicates). Redirecting to a temporary page will result in that redirect being used for indexing. Its fine to show text to users on a 503 error page, or use fancy JavaScript, etc.

A simple way to handle that - if the webserver is down - is to change the sites DNS to point to a temporary server that returns the 503 for you.

Once the issue is resolved, well generally jump back in and crawl your site to get the indexed information updated. If you werent able to return a 503, itll probably take a bit of time for things to settle back down with regards to search, but itll come back, dont worry. If you need to ramp crawling up slowly, you might also want to adjust the maximal crawl rate in Webmaster Tools (we pick up that setting about once a day).

At any rate, if your site was affected by issues like these, I hope youre able to resolve them (and the other, perhaps more important issues that often go along with disruptions like these) as soon as possible. If theres something Google can do with regards to web-search to help get your site get back on its feet, feel free to post here, in our forums, or join our office-hours hangouts.

Znači ne morate se bojati za rejting ukoliko vam server padne već je samo pitanje kako ćete to riješiti. Riješite li sa server statusom 503 mogli biste uštedjeti nešto vremena jer će Googlebot odmah biti jasno što se događa. Riješite li drugačije možda će trebati malo više vremena da se stvari vrate u prvobitno stanje.

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