Nemojte slati Google reconsideration requestove za jednu domenu više puta

25.09.2012. u kategoriji  Google Webmaster Tools
Autor: Bruno Šarić

Nemojte slati Google reconsideration requestove za jednu domenu više puta

U sklopu Google Webmaster Tools imate mogućnost poslati tzv. reconsideration request u vezi svoje web stranice ukoliko smatrate da vas je Google na neki način zakinuo, bilo da je krivo procijenio da se prekršili uvjete korištenja bilo da ste ih stvarno prekršili pa ste stvar naknadno ispravili. Uglavnom jednom kada pošaljete taj reconsideration request za jednu domenu nemojte ga nikako slati opet dok odgovor ne dobijete. To je preporuka Googlea. Vaši dupli requestovi stvar neće ubrzati već navedeno može usporiti cijeli proces.

Tiffany Oberoi: You generally don’t need to resubmit. It can take us days to weeks to process requests, and then more time for changes to go into effect, especially if we need to recrawl and reprocess your site. We do send a confirmation after we receive your request, so as long as you got that message then your request is in the queue to be reviewed.

I don’t recommend sending multiple reconsideration requests in a very short period of time or submitting reconsideration requests for tons of sites all at once rather than one site at a time. We can take that as a sign of bad faith. But if you haven’t received a follow up message saying that your request has been processed after 2-3 months, it would be reasonable to submit another request at that point.

Također John Mu je također dao sličnu preporuku.

John Mu: In general, if you submit a new reconsideration request before a previous one has been processed (sometimes - depending on the issues involved and on the size of the queue - it can take up to a few weeks or more to be processed), then those additional reconsideration requests may be looked at by the web-spam team, but they're generally seen as duplicates and not responded to. Because of that, it's usually best to wait for a response before submitting something new (and even better, to wait until you have something very substantial that was improved before submitting the first reconsideration request).

Ponavljam, slanje više reconsideration requestova za istu domenu, a pogotovo u kratkom vremenskom razdoblju, neće pomoći.

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